Successor wanted

It has taken years as a sole practitioner for me to build a thriving client base in midtown Toronto. The work falls mostly in “traditional” solicitor areas – conveyancing, wills/estates, and corporate/commercial.

Now it is time to bring in new blood to take on some of the load with a view to acquiring the practice over a period of time.

The type of person needed for this undertaking:

  • must have minimum 10 years, hands-on, experience in handling real estate files, drafting wills, managing estates and incorporating companies. This is a busy office and while I am able to give some advice and oversight, I cannot provide training to a lawyer!*
  • must be prepared to work long hours and long weeks, when necessary. If you are unable or not prepared to do this, please do not respond!*
  • must understand how to use and apply technology to keep the office running. This office tries to make heavy use of technology and is substantially paperless. You must have good problem-solving skills!*
  • will want to develop expertise in the practice areas of this office and expand them.
  • should be a “people” person so that our clients stay with the firm and, in turn, become referral sources.
  • must be highly organized and entrepreneurial.
  • will have decided to eschew the large firms, preferring the independence and entrepreneurial nature of a boutique office (whatever that means).

You will have the opportunity to retain clients–some of whom have been with me for over 40 years–and to bring in new clients.

You will also take on the administration of a will vault by continuing my long-standing practice of sending periodic reminders to clients, something I have done for several decades.

I have beautiful office space in a choice location near Yonge and Bloor, with over 4 years remaining on a lease.

If you are interested in earning your way into this well established practice, e-mail:

* the exclamation marks are not mere exaggerations and are intended to emphasize that these points are significant issues.

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